Join before April 15th for 20 Pheasants---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------$575

               After April 15th, 2019----------------------------------20 pheasant membership------------------------------------------$600

If you shoot all your birds by December 31st, you get 4 extra birds

September 1, 2019 – February 28, 2020 ------Only time to releasing birds off membership card
    Every pheasant shot and/or released will come off of card.  If you do not want to release nor have birds set, you can do
    field clean-up (shoot pheasants that are already out in the fields) during weekdays of Sept. 1st-April 1st.  This means
    that field clean-up is also allowed in March even though we stop releasing birds February 28th.  
March 1-31, 20
    Rack and Wing’s month to run specials to empty pens if there are still birds left. Incentive to join for next season. If
    there are some birds left on card by March, clean-up hunting is still available.
April 1,
    End of 201
9-2020 membership season.   Time to Join for next season, if you haven't already.

Membership includes:
              20 pheasants starting in September.
              Run dog in fields during the summer.  
              Spouse and dependent children included in membership                                                                             
      Guest fee------------------------------------------------------------------------------each-$20                            
      Extra pheasants-----------------------------------------------------------------------each-$20
      Chukar and Quail may be available. Call ahead of time.
      Wild Turkey---[per permit]--------------------------------------------------------------$250

    Pheasant hunts-[2 birds min. per hunter-1/2 day hunt (morning or afternoon)]------------------------------------------$35/Pheasant
            If you decide to join, price can be taken off membership this day only.
    Wild Turkey----[non-guided] -[per permit] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$350

Guides with Dog-- per half day- members and non members group of 5 people or less -----------------------------------$100

Rack and Wing’s Little Spoon- An extension of Rack and Wing hunt club 60 miles south at Osceola, IL just off of
RT 40. Includes an All-day/One-day hunt on 200 Acres of CRP and Timber: Pheasants, Quail, and Chukars also available in
large quantities at a discounted price. Your Group would be the only group hunting
for the day. Guided hunts available for extra fee. Reserve your date and birds ASAP with a deposit.
Northwest Illinois
Pheasant Hunts