MEMBERSHIP:                                  --Upland Game--

Join before April 15th for next year membership
get a free Midwest Outdoors subscription and 20 Ph for ---------------------------------------$575

After April 15th, 2018------------------20 pheasant membership-----------------------------------$600

If you shoot all your birds by December 31st, you get 4 extra birds

Pheasant hunt-[2 birds min./hunter at 1/2 day hunt (Morning or afternoon)]-----$35/Pheasant

--per half day------For members and non-members -----------------------------------------------$100
-Sporting Clay
-Upland Game
--Sporting Clays--
Sporting Clays:
Year round by appointment.
If you have a group of friends or just you,
Call for appointment.
Price per person:

50 clay course----$25

100 clay course----$50

Wild Turkey Per Permit(Non Guided)--------------------------------------------$250
(with Rack & Wing Membership)

Non-member-per permit(Non Guided)------------------------------------------$350

Guide cost per day------------------------------------------------------------------$100

Archery Hunts
5-6 Day Archery Hunt------------------------------------------------------------------$2000

Gun Hunts
1st -3 Day Season-----------------------------------------------------------------------$2200
2nd-4 Day Season----------------------------------------------------------------------$2200
Black Powder Season------------------------------------------------------------------$2200